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Sheep School

Dosing Backpack & 15ml Dosing Gun Package & 2ml Injector

Dosing Backpack & 15ml Dosing Gun Package & 2ml Injector

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Special offer package deal. Here's what's included:

1)  Sheep School Dosing Backpack including holster

2)  15ml Dosing Gun 

3)  2ml Bottle Mount Injector.

This combination will set you up for an easier time working with sheep. 

The Sheep School Dosing Backpack has been designed to simplify drenching tasks. Instead of carrying a hard, cold drench pack strung with straps or baler twine all day, this system allows a drench container to slips into a comfortable, air-mesh padded backpack that doesn't cause sweating or discomfort. Every aspect of the Sheep School system has been carefully considered. The dosing gun can easily pass through the backpack without detaching from the drench container, allowing for hassle-free and neat refills.

This backpack is compatible with both top and bottom outlet drench containers of sizes up to 5 liters. It includes retainer tabs to keep the drench hose secure, preventing it from entangling with animals or fencing. Additionally, the waist-belt dosing gun holster provides the convenience of having your hands free whenever needed with space for 2 dosing guns.

Please note: The drench container is not included.

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