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Braked Hand Winch for Dressing Stand

Braked Hand Winch for Dressing Stand

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Introducing our 450kg Braked Hand Winch, a robust and reliable cable winch designed for a variety of lifting and pulling applications. 

 Standard reversible hand winches are not designed for lifting and run the risk of breaking free and causing injury when lowering the table making this braked hand winch is perfect for building your own dressing stand.

To lower the load, you can slowly turn the handle in the opposite direction. Turn the handle slowly and steadily to lower the load safely. The braking mechanism will still engage partially to ensure the load doesn't drop too quickly.

To re-engage the brake: If you need to stop lowering the load at any point, release the handle, and the braking mechanism will automatically re-engage to hold the load in place.

Key Features:

High Tensile Load Capacity: Capable of handling a maximum tensile load of 450 kg.

Manual Operation: Designed for manual operation with a manual force requirement of just 220 N, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Braked Design: Features a braked system without automatic unwinding, providing enhanced control and safety during operation.

Comes preloaded with 1.5 metres of 7mm cable plus a hook ready to built your own dressing table!

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